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The game is really fun^^ I really like your idea with the glowing arrow

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Bug: don't shoot at wooden blockages when standing too close.

Your arrow will get stuck on it without igniting it

(luckily i got it back after backing off and touching the arrow again, but i lost a heart to this)

Skipped the boss-like thing and went directly towards "my one true friend"
is it an intended ending?

All-in-all, very fun to lose my arrow and dance in the dark.
Very exciting when it happens.

Although in the end i mostly relied on music cue to detect dangers.

The density of enemies is fantastic, and i can stop and catch a breath (and type the above bug report) 

Hope you add more enemy type and contraptions that require a bit backtracking, for example, a puzzle with multiple switches / parts, to expand the exploration a bit

but again, this is a pretty dense game for 48 hours work, so i have no complains

Like it.

its supossed to be able to work like that but im thinking about removing that possibility, i think making the boss fight something mandatory might make the game more fun.

we wanted to also have a bigger puzzle system in the game and we did have one other enemy, but we had to remove him at the last second because of a animation bug :(

really glad you enjoyed and thanks a lot for such a big feedback report that really helps us a lot.

ill have to take a look at it. dint notice that one yet, altho most bugs with the webgl version i cant replicate on unity not sure why, but ill see if i can use this one there and ill try and fix it mate thanks.

i also encountered a unity webgl bug too when using threads (making timers via async/await). i changed back to coroutine and it works again

good bye fancy syntax~


game works fine and wandering around the levels is really fun with limited visability.


Currently the game is showing a java syntax error on Google and Edge - I hope it's me being a dingus and not a genuine problem :(


it looks like a error from our side... not sure whats wrong but at least the exe version is working. ill upload that one i guess, really wanted it to be playable from browser, well it sucks but at least we have a working game thats beautiful :D

thanks a lot for checking out mate and sorry for not working.


Would Like to let you know that its up and working, if you can please give us a try and leave feedback so we improve